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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cincinnati

No Sanding Hardwood, Cork, and Bamboo Floor Refinishing

Your Wood, Laminate, Cork and Bamboo Floors Can Be Re-finished Without Sanding.

  • Eco Friendly Hardwood Floor Refinishing.

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No Dust Hardwood Floor Refinishing!!!

hardwood floor refinishing cincinnati At Westerkamp's Dry Carpet Cleaning we not only provide the best carpet cleaning, but we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing Cincinnati. We provide hardwood, cork, laminate, and bamboo floor refinishing that doesn't require sanding. Whether we are providing bamboo floor refinishing or hardwood floor refinishing, you can always trust our floor experts to leave your floors beautiful and you a happy customer.

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process:

1. Visual Inspection - before we begin your hardwood, laminate, cork or bamboo floor refinishing, there will be a pre-inspection. We will make sure to find all damaged areas and test to for compatibility of our refinishing product.

2. Damage Repair - part of hardwood and bamboo floor refinishing is filling in the cracks, gouges and separations with wood patch.

3. Dust Free Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Abrasion - removing all loose and embedded soil and through mild abrasion, will remove the surface layer of the old finish.

4. Initial Sealer Coat of Finish

5. Final Hardwood Floor Finish Coat-

You now have a beautiful, durable finish that will protect your hardwood, cork, or bamboo floors beautify and add years to the life of your hardwood floors.

This process can be used to refinish other fine hardwood furnishings. Cabinets, tables and desks can be restored to a new look and protected from damage. A little preventative maintenance will help keep those expensive pieces in top condition for life.


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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Facts:

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Care

Yes, everyone loves a rich, beautiful hardwood floor. And hardwoods truly can last forever if they are properly maintained. Other great news is that hardwood floors, when properly maintained, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking.

Dust-Free Process

Our hardwood and bamboo floor refinishing process is completely dust free, quick to accomplish and inexpensive.  These fine products are designed to clean, repair and refinish your floors to a spectacular appearance.

Qualified, Trained Technicians

Our trained technicians provide professional hardwood floor refinishing that restores your hardwood floors to their original beauty. Hardwood floor maintenance treatments are every 1-3 years, depending on traffic levels and type of use. We will keep your hardwood floors looking great for the lifetime of your home.

Does your hardwood floor need refinished?

You hardwod floors may have a dull finish is one sign that it may need refinished. An easy way to tell if cleaning no longer restores the appearance of your hardwood floors is to look for scratches, gouges and separation between boards. Repairing such damage is part of the process of cork, bambo or harwood floor refinishing.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Facts

* If hardwood flooring and furnishings are neglected, the finish can wear through causing loss of stain color and damage to the actual wood. This will require extensive restoration including complete sanding, staining and refinishing. This process is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. It may even require you to move out of your home during the process.

* Most hardwood floors can accept only two or three of the treatments described above over a lifetime. The wood veneer can be sanded away and the floors will need to be replaced. It pays to maintain your floors.

* The system is completely dust free. You will not be cleaning up our dust months later as is the case with the sanding process.

* The system is odorless, non toxic and dries in about an hour. You can walk on the floor in your stockings at that time. Furniture may be moved back in 4 hours and rugs after 12 hours. Don’t allow shoes on the floor for the first 4 hours. After that, your new finish is hardened and ready for normal use.

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Hardwood Floor Care

As recommended by the National Wood Floor Association

* Use dirt trapping walk-off mats to all exterior doors.

* Strong sunlight can cause fading of wood and wood stain. To avoid uneven appearance move area rugs occasionally and drape or shade large windows to avoid direct sunlight on the wood.

* Apply fabric-faced glides to the legs of your furniture.

* Vacuum or dust your wood floor as often as you vacuum your carpet.

* Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a damp (not wet) cloth. Standing moisture can damage poorly finished floors.

* Avoid soaps. They can build up and create problems. For cleaning use cleaners, that are specifically formulated for wood floors like the Bridgepoint Wood cleaner.

* We recommend using Florguards when moving appliances. Florguards will prevent damage to your floors from sharp edges an even the weight of the appliance. A heavy refrigerator can leave indentations in some floors.

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At Westerkamp's Dry Carpet Cleaning we not only specialize in hardwood and bamboo refinishing, but we also specialize in stone floor refinishing. We offer a variety of cleaning services including our area rug cleaning and special dry carpet cleaning service that we are known for.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cincinnati (513) 481-6849


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